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Nick Maynard & Nikki Adolph
September 8th 2018

Welcome to our wedding website!! We wanted to beable to share our story with those that are unable to attend. Please read our story under The Couple.
For those that are able to attend this is the place that you will find all the information that you may need leading up to the BIG Day!
We would love to hear from you all!!
Please Sign Our Guestbook!

Photo Below: 
Nick n Nikki on their first of many Canyoning trips. 
Tiger Snake Canyon, Blue Mountains
Please Check Back!! - Updates Frequently

Hey Guys n Gals!!

Thanks so much for coming to check out our website!! Please be sure to RSVP under the RSVP Link to the left:
~Camping on Site and/or
~Ceremony and Dinner
Find all types of Travel Information under the link:
~ Travelling from Australia - Vancouver
~ Travelling from Vancouver to Lillooet   
~ Travelling from Lillooet to Wedding Site
Plenty of Local Accommodation to choose from as well! 
Please be sure to come back over the next few months
to find more information on Wedding Events, Ceremony details and MUCH MUCH MORE!!
If it's urgent to contact us please do so via email:


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